Cow Shade

Bedrock Concrete Products Specialists design and manufacture premium quality cow shade systems.

Our Cow Hide Umbrella cow shade provides a large area of shade for cows and other livestock. Each cow shade protects your cattle from the sun, reducing stress due to heat. Excessive heat reduces milk production and meat yield (see study). Heat stress causes economic loss, and a higher risk of mortality.

Protect Your Livestock with Bedrock Cow Shade

Cow shade
  • The cow shade stands 17 feet tall.
  • 25 square foot concrete base (5' x 5')
  • The cow shade is 1,156 square feet (34' x 34')
  • Provides easy access to shade.
  • The cow shade withstands heavy wind and rainfall.
  • Raised by a simple crank.
  • The cow shade is hassle free and fully set up.
  • Delivered to your site.
Bare Cow shade
Cow shade delivery

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During the hottest months of the year, people flock to shade for relief from the sun. Shade structures can reduce temperatures by as much as 25 degrees. Sun shades provide comfort near pools, parking structures, bleachers, and more.

Shade can make it more comfortable for children at playgrounds by cooling equipment to a comfortable level. Protecting people from the sun reduces exposure to harmful UV rays associated with skin cancer. Sun Shade structures are appreciated anywhere people meet outdoors.

A few places Sun Shade can enhance the environment.

Sun shade
  • Sporting events
  • Parks
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Child Care Centers
  • Public Squares
  • Hospitals
  • Campuses
  • Employee Break Areas
  • Any Public Gathering Place
  • The sun shade is hassle free and fully set up.
  • Delivered to your site.

Sun Shades can do more than just shelter you from the sun. Protective shades create a barrier from rain and snow as well. These structures enhance your property supplying students, employees, fans, and the community an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors longer.

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